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Episode 52: Pseudohistory

The Project is back in action today with Chalmer’s look at Pseudohistory. What is the historical fallacy? What evidence would make you change your mind? Is all this nonsense harmless fun, or are there more insidious effects at work? It’s all a conspiracy in this edition of Altdernatives to Thought. References and Resources Additional download […]

Episode 30: Aliens & Astrobiology with David Grinspoon

Chalmer brings in special guest David Grinspoon, an astrobiologist currently with the Library of Congress, to help answer the question: are we alone in the universe? Can we travel or send messages to other planets? What might signs of extraterrestrial life look like? And is your world in equilibrium? The truth is still out there […]

Episode 27: Linguistics: Myths & Misconceptions

In this episode Chalmer and special reoccurring guest Joel Guttormson discuss some linguistic mythology… literally. How many colors does your language have? Is there a mother tongue? And will Norm ever be convinced? YOLO with this edition of Alternatives to Thought. References and Resources Additional download and listening options can be found at www.archve.org Joel Guttormson […]

Episode 21: Evolution Part 2

Directly descended from part one, comes the next chapter in Alternatives to Thought with Human Evolution Part Two… the sequel! Special guest Joel Guttormson returns as Chalmer takes us on a journey exploring some of our earliest common ancestors all the way up to homo sapiens. Why did bipedalism develop? Does evolution have a meaning? What does facultative mean? The answers in this obligate edition of Alternatives to Thought! Joel Guttormson is the Outreach and event Coordinator at the Richard Dawkins Foundation of Reason and Science!

Episode 13: Complementary & Alternative Medicine Part 2

Back for round two, it’s Complimentary and Alternative Medicine… Two! Once again we take aim at some not as real methods of healing. Back pain? We’ve got you covered with a look at chiropractic treatment. Feeling a sense of pins and needles? Must be our analysis of acupuncture. What the heck constitutes a sound study? Follow along as Chalmer shows us how it’s done by examining these outlandish claims. Ready your Qi and line up your chakras; it’s the Mile High Sanity Project.

Alternative Medicine
Episode 11: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Part 1

In this episode we tackle alternative…different…almost-but not-quite-real medicine. Is it possible to even define alternative and complementary medicine? What is it and how does it work? Better yet … does it work at all? Is Quinine an herb or a chemical? And can Chalmer say cinchona? Queue up your Qi and break out the crystals, as we discuss some real fake medicine in this edition of The Mile High Sanity Project.

Episode 10: AIDS Denialism

What is the cost of willful ignorance? And what are the ramifications of doing nothing about it? In this episode Chalmer leads us on a journey to South Africa, and reveals just how devastating a perfect storm of scientific ignorance and AIDS Denialism can be. It’s all aboard the crazy train for some more examples of Alternatives to Thought.