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Episode 62: David Grinspoon – Earth In Human Hands

Today the Project welcomes Dr. David Grinspoon to discuss his new book, Earth in Human Hands. Is the planet entering a new Era? Will our impact on the world destroy us? Should we be hopeful about the future? Welcome to the anthropocene in this edition of the Mile High Sanity Project.     References and […]

Episode 53: New Horizons Flyby with guest David Grinspoon

Today the Project is joined by Dr. David Grinspoon to break down the recent NASA flyby of Pluto for the New Horizons mission. How difficult is it to send a probe that distance? Is Pluto geologically active? Can anything impress Negative Norman? That’s no moon in this edition of The Mile High Sanity Project. References […]

Episode 44: Cosmos Reboot in Review, Series Recap

The Project is joined once again by David Grinspoon and Brittny Rosenow for a final look at the new Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. How was the series received overall? What is a scientific question? And did you spot the Funky Doctor in the original series? Come explore the “multiverse” with the Mile High Sanity Project. […]

Milky Way
Episode 38: Cosmos Reboot in Review Ep. 8

With Nick on a mini-vacation, Chalmer and Norm join returning guest and friend of the show David Grinspoon for episode eight of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Topics include experiencing the stars, light pollution, women in science, and scientific inspiration. Have women been marginalized in science? Can science be spiritual? Does it make sense to think of future generations? We are […]

Episode 30: Aliens & Astrobiology with David Grinspoon

Chalmer brings in special guest David Grinspoon, an astrobiologist currently with the Library of Congress, to help answer the question: are we alone in the universe? Can we travel or send messages to other planets? What might signs of extraterrestrial life look like? And is your world in equilibrium? The truth is still out there […]