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Episode 60: Philosophy of Religion – The Teleological Argument

Today, Norm intelligently designs another Philosophy of Religion episode. This time we look at the Teleological Argument. Is the universe really like a machine? Why is the design so unintelligent? And what’s the deal with rabbits? All that and more in this Hume-morous edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.   References and Resources Additional download and […]

Episode 19: Hume’s Emotivism

In this episode we take a journey back into the Corner to discuss the Passion of David Hume, his ethical theory of emotivism. How do we know what we know? Do morals even exist? Where are they? This episode of Norm’s Conceptual Corner has something for everyone; ice cream, beer, sociopaths, and Nick’s unrelenting quest to turn everything into a movie reference. Can we reason our way out of this one, or ought we not?