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Episode 46: War of the World Views

The Project is pleased to bring you the audio from the War of the World Views debate that Norm participated in. In one corner we have Intelligent Design, and in Norm’s Conceptual Corner we have Darwinian Evolution. Get ready to rumble with the Mile High Sanity Project. Additional download and listening options can be found […]

Episode 32: Cosmos Reboot in Review, Ep. 2

The Project is back with a look at the second episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. What’s the difference between Artificial and Natural Selection? Where are you on the Tree of Life? And will we one day join those in the Halls of Extinction? Let’s gather around the campfire and let Neil tell us a […]

Episode 21: Evolution Part 2

Directly descended from part one, comes the next chapter in Alternatives to Thought with Human Evolution Part Two… the sequel! Special guest Joel Guttormson returns as Chalmer takes us on a journey exploring some of our earliest common ancestors all the way up to homo sapiens. Why did bipedalism develop? Does evolution have a meaning? What does facultative mean? The answers in this obligate edition of Alternatives to Thought! Joel Guttormson is the Outreach and event Coordinator at the Richard Dawkins Foundation of Reason and Science!