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Episode 60: Philosophy of Religion – The Teleological Argument

Today, Norm intelligently designs another Philosophy of Religion episode. This time we look at the Teleological Argument. Is the universe really like a machine? Why is the design so unintelligent? And what’s the deal with rabbits? All that and more in this Hume-morous edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.   References and Resources Additional download and […]

Episode 59: Philosophy of Religion – The Cosmological Aargument

Today, Norm continues the Philosophy of Religion series with a look at the Cosmological Argument. What is an uncaused cause? Why is Chalmer opening doors? Can an infinite regress be avoided? This episode just popped into existence in Norm’s Conceptual Corner.

Episode 58: Divine Knowledge & Freewill

Things get weird for this Philosophy of Religion episode when Norm leads a discussion to answer what is God? Superheroes are mentioned. Large stones are created. And the problem of free will is determined. You may have no choice but to listen to this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner. References and Resources Additional download and […]

René Descartes
Episode 57: The Ontological Argument

Today Norm delves into one of the more bizarre arguments for God’s existence. Who is your favorite superhero? What are the properties of God? And what is the perfect pizza? This podcast exists in Norm’s Conceptual Corner. References and Resources Additional download and listening options can be found at www.archve.org

Episode 56: Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

Today Norm charts a course for a new series, Philosophy of Religion. Should it even exist? What is it not? And what areas will we be exploring in this new course series? We’re sorry you feel that way in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner. References and Resources Additional download and listening options can be […]

Episode 24: Science Fiction with Special Guest Peter Boghossian

The Project is joined by Peter Boghossian on this full blown geek out session examining the philosophy of science fiction. We boldly go on a nerd trek exploring multiple sci-fi series and movies, our favorite and least favorite plot devices, and some of their philosophical underpinnings. Lock the seventh chevron, and prepare to make it so with The Mile High Sanity Project.

Episode 23: Kantian Ethics Part 2

This week it’s deja vu with Kant Part Two. Norm leads us deeper into a game changing moral theory that almost, but not quite, manages to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Stamps are collected, and the French are endangered. It’s just a means to an end in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.

Episode 22: Kantian Ethics Part 1

In this episode, we run from the weird uncle that is emotivism to the comforting arms of mother logic. Hume is Scare! Kant – well, we’ll just have to see. For him, love is a second hand emotion that makes way for pure reason. Does Kant’s theory keep us afloat or are we sunk yet again? It’s all here in this episode of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.

Episode 19: Hume’s Emotivism

In this episode we take a journey back into the Corner to discuss the Passion of David Hume, his ethical theory of emotivism. How do we know what we know? Do morals even exist? Where are they? This episode of Norm’s Conceptual Corner has something for everyone; ice cream, beer, sociopaths, and Nick’s unrelenting quest to turn everything into a movie reference. Can we reason our way out of this one, or ought we not?

Episode 15: Utilitarianism Part 2

Back for more, it’s Utilitarianism 2.0. We can rebuild it with John Stewart Mill, better than before, stronger, faster. But will this super moral theory be capable of leaping tall objections in a single bound? Or have we stumbled upon some logical Kryptonite? Find out in the epic conclusion in this episode of Norm’s Conceptual Corner!

Episode 14: Utilitarianism part 1

Welcome to the Show. We finally reach the big leagues with Utilitarianism. This week we look at a moral theory that not only gets off the ground, but it actually sustains flight. But does this theory of the greatest good for the greatest amount soar, or will it crash and burn? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.

Virtue Ethics
Episode 9: Virtue Ethics

The Golden Mean lies between in this episode of Norm’s Conceptual Corner. What is a virtue? What is a vice? Can you ever have too much integrity? What happens when you fail to heed warnings from smart guys like Aristotle? Norm reveals his true hedgehogian nature in our ongoing effort to find a plausible moral theory. Buckle up Buckaroos – this is Virtue Ethics.

Natural Law
Episode 8: Natural Law

This week your hosts examine the old modern theory of Natural Law. What is a natural object? Why are there trees? Is God lonely? The purpose of man is questioned. Dishwasher robots are granted free will, and Aristotle is rolling in his grave in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.

Divine Command Theory
Episode 7: Divine Command Theory

Your hosts bring in reinforcements to tackle a divine view on morality. God said it, people believe it, and we’re questioning it. Does this week’s moral theory stand a prayer’s chance? What’s wrong with saying God is good? And can he draw a square triangle? Join us as we spin our wheels trying to explain Divine Command Theory in this holy edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner, with special guest Joel Guttormson!

Circular Reasoning
Episode 5: Cultural Relativism

Here we examine the merits (or lack thereof) of cultural relativism. Is everything relative? Does post modernism work? Do Eskimo’s hate babies? You say to-ma-toe, we say to-mat-NO. Sharpen your critical thinking skills and prepare for some super-addition in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.

Episode 4: Theorizing About Ethics

In which your lovers of wisdom prepare to set sail on the sea of ethics, on a quest to find a plausible moral theory. But first… what is ethics? And how does one think about it? What exactly do philosophers do? Follow along with Norm, and his two volunteered “students”, as they attempt to lay the groundwork and objectives for this course.

Episode 2: Environmentalism And The Anthropocentric View

Join Norm as he takes humanity down a notch to explore some of the more abstract ideas related to the green movement. Why are we interested in the environment? What the heck is the anthropocentric view? Are trees citizens of the world? The fall of Man is explained, the Spirit of the Earth is communed with, and much more in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.