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Mile High Sanity Project
Episode 55: The Neuroscience of ISIS

Today Chalmer welcomes special guest Morgan Levy for a discussion on the neuroscience of ISIS. Are Muslims fundamentally different from other people? Are all religions fundamentally the same? And, can you make any movie you want? Power up your frontal lobes with this edition of Alternatives to Thought. References and Resources Additional download and listening […]

Episode 53: New Horizons Flyby with guest David Grinspoon

Today the Project is joined by Dr. David Grinspoon to break down the recent NASA flyby of Pluto for the New Horizons mission. How difficult is it to send a probe that distance? Is Pluto geologically active? Can anything impress Negative Norman? That’s no moon in this edition of The Mile High Sanity Project. References […]

Episode 52: Pseudohistory

The Project is back in action today with Chalmer’s look at Pseudohistory. What is the historical fallacy? What evidence would make you change your mind? Is all this nonsense harmless fun, or are there more insidious effects at work? It’s all a conspiracy in this edition of Altdernatives to Thought. References and Resources Additional download […]

Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries
Episode 50: Investigating the Paranormal, with Benjamin Radford

Today Chalmer welcomes special guest Benjamin Radford to the Project for a discussion on paranormal investigation. What qualifies as paranormal? Have any of us ever had a paranormal experience? Ever had ghost sex? It would seem that we ain’t afraid of no ghost in this edition of Alternatives to Thought. References and Resources Additional download […]

We The People
Episode 47: Social Contract Part II

The Project returns from a short break! Today Norm bites the bullet and takes us on an in depth look at the major criticisms for Social Contract to see if this moral theory can truly weather the storm . Will Brittny be convinced?  Would Nick destroy all life on the Earth? And what does Chalmer have against children? The […]

Episode 23: Kantian Ethics Part 2

This week it’s deja vu with Kant Part Two. Norm leads us deeper into a game changing moral theory that almost, but not quite, manages to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Stamps are collected, and the French are endangered. It’s just a means to an end in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.

Episode 21: Evolution Part 2

Directly descended from part one, comes the next chapter in Alternatives to Thought with Human Evolution Part Two… the sequel! Special guest Joel Guttormson returns as Chalmer takes us on a journey exploring some of our earliest common ancestors all the way up to homo sapiens. Why did bipedalism develop? Does evolution have a meaning? What does facultative mean? The answers in this obligate edition of Alternatives to Thought! Joel Guttormson is the Outreach and event Coordinator at the Richard Dawkins Foundation of Reason and Science!

Divine Command Theory
Episode 7: Divine Command Theory

Your hosts bring in reinforcements to tackle a divine view on morality. God said it, people believe it, and we’re questioning it. Does this week’s moral theory stand a prayer’s chance? What’s wrong with saying God is good? And can he draw a square triangle? Join us as we spin our wheels trying to explain Divine Command Theory in this holy edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner, with special guest Joel Guttormson!