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Episode 53: New Horizons Flyby with guest David Grinspoon

Today the Project is joined by Dr. David Grinspoon to break down the recent NASA flyby of Pluto for the New Horizons mission. How difficult is it to send a probe that distance? Is Pluto geologically active? Can anything impress Negative Norman? That’s no moon in this edition of The Mile High Sanity Project. References […]

Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries
Episode 50: Investigating the Paranormal, with Benjamin Radford

Today Chalmer welcomes special guest Benjamin Radford to the Project for a discussion on paranormal investigation. What qualifies as paranormal? Have any of us ever had a paranormal experience? Ever had ghost sex? It would seem that we ain’t afraid of no ghost in this edition of Alternatives to Thought. References and Resources Additional download […]

Cosmos Reboot in Review
Episode 40: Cosmos Reboot in Review Ep. 10

Greetings programs! Today we take a look at episode ten of the new Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. It was a smaller journey, with huge implications. Who was the “electric boy”? What is the relationship between light and electromagnetism? Where did the notion of “fields” originate in science? It’s all part of what makes existence possible […]

Episode 13: Complementary & Alternative Medicine Part 2

Back for round two, it’s Complimentary and Alternative Medicine… Two! Once again we take aim at some not as real methods of healing. Back pain? We’ve got you covered with a look at chiropractic treatment. Feeling a sense of pins and needles? Must be our analysis of acupuncture. What the heck constitutes a sound study? Follow along as Chalmer shows us how it’s done by examining these outlandish claims. Ready your Qi and line up your chakras; it’s the Mile High Sanity Project.

Alternative Medicine
Episode 11: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Part 1

In this episode we tackle alternative…different…almost-but not-quite-real medicine. Is it possible to even define alternative and complementary medicine? What is it and how does it work? Better yet … does it work at all? Is Quinine an herb or a chemical? And can Chalmer say cinchona? Queue up your Qi and break out the crystals, as we discuss some real fake medicine in this edition of The Mile High Sanity Project.