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Virtue Ethics
Episode 9: Virtue Ethics

The Golden Mean lies between in this episode of Norm’s Conceptual Corner. What is a virtue? What is a vice? Can you ever have too much integrity? What happens when you fail to heed warnings from smart guys like Aristotle? Norm reveals his true hedgehogian nature in our ongoing effort to find a plausible moral theory. Buckle up Buckaroos – this is Virtue Ethics.

Divine Command Theory
Episode 7: Divine Command Theory

Your hosts bring in reinforcements to tackle a divine view on morality. God said it, people believe it, and we’re questioning it. Does this week’s moral theory stand a prayer’s chance? What’s wrong with saying God is good? And can he draw a square triangle? Join us as we spin our wheels trying to explain Divine Command Theory in this holy edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner, with special guest Joel Guttormson!