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Episode 29: Applied Ethics & World Poverty

It’s a dark day in the War Room, as Norm leads us through two thought provoking articles on world poverty. We start with the bleak, and move to the utilitarian. Hardin puts us in lifeboats, Singer saves a drowning child, and the Ukraine is weak in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner. References and Resources […]

Episode 28: Animal Rights & Utilitarianism

In this episode, Norm puts on his Peter Singer hat to tell us about animal rights. What is the BPE? Do utilitarians get to eat meat? And can Nick say anthropomorphism? Join us as we talk to the animals in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner. References and Resources Additional download and listening options can […]

Episode 15: Utilitarianism Part 2

Back for more, it’s Utilitarianism 2.0. We can rebuild it with John Stewart Mill, better than before, stronger, faster. But will this super moral theory be capable of leaping tall objections in a single bound? Or have we stumbled upon some logical Kryptonite? Find out in the epic conclusion in this episode of Norm’s Conceptual Corner!

Episode 14: Utilitarianism part 1

Welcome to the Show. We finally reach the big leagues with Utilitarianism. This week we look at a moral theory that not only gets off the ground, but it actually sustains flight. But does this theory of the greatest good for the greatest amount soar, or will it crash and burn? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one in this edition of Norm’s Conceptual Corner.