Every homeowner wants to make the best possible choice for their residences. However, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to plywood for interior home décor.

Before making a purchase, there’s a need first to understand the different types of wood available and the specifications needed to make a long-term investment.

Given that plywood is the wood commonly used for home interior, there’s a need to understand what it is, what it’s made of, and whether it has variations.

Plywood – What Is It?

In this case, plywood refers to several wood sheets that have been pasted together to come up with plywood. It exists in various specifications based on the glue used in fixing the sheets together and the chemical treatments used on the wood.

Plywood products come in three popular categories:

  • Marine Plywood: It’s considered the most superior type of plywood and is commonly used for industrial purposes, such as building a boat.
  • Waterproof Plywood BWR/BWP Grade:The category feature boiling water-resistant (BWR) and boiling waterproof grade (BWP) plywood. It’s commonly used in areas where the furniture is likely to come into contact with water, e.g., kitchen under structures and home sink boards.
  • Commercial Plywood Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade: It’s the most common in restaurants, offices, and home interior décor projects.

While there are three plywood variations, it’s also worth noting that it can be made from both Softwood and Hardwood. The latter is stronger than softwood ply!

Designers have, over the years, come up with creative ways to use plywood in home décor projects. A look at this on https://journal.tylko.com/5-iconic-designers-plywood-furniture/ helps to show how creative designers can get when it comes to home interior projects.

Popular Surface Treatments Used with Plywood

Typically speaking, designers utilize plywood as a base material. This means that it must be treated with a surface treatment/material to assist in bringing out the wow effect!

Common surface treatments include:

  • Laminate—Normally used in restaurants, offices, and homes. Laminate comes in varying textures and colors.
  • Corian (Solid Surface)—Recommended for those looking to get an extra-luxurious effect. The treatment is commonly used on furniture items like reception tables and beds.
  • Veneers—Different veneers can be used with plywood. Once polished, the veneers will give the plywood a rich, tasteful look.
  • Painting—It’s possible to paint the ply surface. If considering painting, there is a need to apply a four mm thick MDF.

The above list captures some of the treatments that are possible when using plywood in interior design. With innovation and creative input from the designers, plywood in interior design projects will continue to rise in the coming years.